This Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher Series Is The Entertainment Your News-Weary Mind Needs

Celebrity duo Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood open up about their relationship, their faith, and their struggles with miscarriage in I Am Second’s new four-part series, called “Mike and Carrie: God and Country.”

Underwood, a seven-time Grammy winner with immediately recognizable country songs, and Fisher, a former professional athlete who played for major hockey teams in both the United States and Canada, are polar opposites in many ways. But the series centers on the strength of their relationship despite those differences. Fisher is a lifelong hunter, while Underwood avoids leather and eating meat.

It was Fisher who most wanted children out of the marriage, describing fatherhood, inspired by his own father, as a lifelong dream. Underwood was much more ambivalent about having children. “I was never good with other people’s kids. Why would I be good with one of my own?” Underwood jokes. That all changed with the birth of their first baby, however. “The second Isaiah was born, it was like … I’m in love,” she says.

Fisher and Underwood are immediately relatable, likable, and fascinating to watch together. It’s refreshing to hear them center their relationship on their faith in God, noting the importance of that focus in working through worldview disagreements and temperament issues. In fact, studies show shared faith is one of the biggest predictors of a long-term, healthy marriage. Recent findings from a Harvard professor indicate women who regularly attend church are 47 percent less likely to seek a divorce than women who are not regular church attenders.

It is inevitable married people will disagree on things, but as Fisher and Underwood demonstrate, the key to working through disagreements, large and small, is having something more fundamental and deep to fall back on. Having not only a deep commitment to and respect for your spouse but also a shared faith helps tie you together when times are tough.

The most emotional part of the series emerges when Fisher and Underwood openly discuss their three miscarriages between the births of their two sons, Isaiah and Jacob. Miscarriage can feel like a hidden loss, one families suffer alone, and this couple’s candor brings visibility to this important subject. The couple opens up about the way they struggled with understanding God’s plan and purpose during this time. They reveal how they questioned God but ultimately found peace and healing, a compelling and comforting reminder that heartaches can draw us all closer together.

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While so much of the celebrity news we consume is made of up big, exceptional moments, Fisher and Underwood pull back the curtain to reveal a journey that resonates with many families: quietly experiencing personal heartbreaks and joys, centered around their faith. Without dealing with any of the unrest plaguing America right now, this series is a quiet reminder of what is most important during this tumultuous time.

It is refreshing to watch two people, very much in love, talk about their lives in a show that is honest but devoid of big conflict. They don’t shy away from the difficult or painful parts of life, including the troubles Fisher had at the beginning of his career or the pain of losing babies. It’s also refreshing to see personal narratives, rather than drama or salacious storylines, driving content. I Am Second has, with this series, put together a show that is watchable for the whole family without resorting to cartoons or children’s programming.

Encouraging families to be strong, while also being realistic about life’s challenges, builds them up during a season when everything feels upside down. Despite the uncertainty of the world around us and the startling headlines, family and home can be sources of stability and love. That is the message and takeaway from Fisher and Underwood’s story, and it’s why watching encouraging material like this right now is so important.

There are good things in the world, regardless of what we see on the evening news.

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