When Carrie Underwood organized the CMAs in 2018, she was pregnant with her second child, Jacob, so when she entered the stage in 2019, she had a small bundle of joy waiting for her at home. As Jacob and her firstborn, Isaiah, get older, Underwood may want to hang her guest hat on to spend more time at home with her wonderful family. Another possibility? Underwood and her husband, former hockey player Mike Fischer, may want to expand their family again. A source suggested this in a conversation with Us Weekly and claimed that Underwood “always wanted a little girl.”

Anyway, it sounds like Underwood is just enjoying life as it is today. “There is no way to plan everything or make it the way you want it,” Underwood said in an interview in April 2019 with Today. “So it was good for me to just be a little present and live in the moment, and stop trying so hard to plan the rest of my life.”

Carrie Underwood Doesn’t Work Out to Be Thin: ‘It’s More About Health

You do it, girl, and if you ever decide to return to the CMAs, we welcome you back with open arms!

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