The Great Collaboration of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood MIRANDA LAMBERT

Female country singers Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert joined forces to celebrate the rock and roll side of women in their single “Somethin’ Bad.” The two earned another number one in their career and was even nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. But, how do this happened?

The Songwriters
The songwriters Chris DeStefano, Brett James, and Priscilla Renea were all in a writing retreat held in France. It was there when they made the song. “Somethin’ Bad” was intended for a male/female duet, but Lambert wanted the song to be a female duet. Therefore, they changed the song to fit the request.

Miranda Lambert Invited Carrie Underwood
Before the song was recorded, Lambert wanted to collaborate with Underwood. When she finally has the song all she needed is approval from Underwood. She told People that she was nervous to send an email to her.

When Lambert didn’t receive any reply from Carrie, she began to think that Carrie was not into the song, and even hates her.

However, after a week, Lambert received an email from Underwood confirming the collaboration.

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Nominations and Chart Performance
The single was nominated into different award shows such as ACM, CMT, CMA, and the Grammy’s. Furthermore, it also scored a spot on the Country Airplay chart and Billboard Hot 100.

What the Song’s All About
In Lambert and Underwood’s song, it tells the story of a woman who went out to have some fun but ends up picking another woman, and the two woke up someplace. They were not sure what they have done, but they were certain that while they were having fun last night, they end up doing somethin’ bad.

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