Teen says Reba McEntire is Her Hero

Reba McEntire

Social and Media experts are wrong to label young people’s taste of music as superficial and trendy. A lot of them are actually getting rooted with their older folk’s kind of music. Take Kelsey Matthews for one (and that’s thanks to her mom who played Reba’s album in her childhood). She recounted in a post for Odyssey how listening to Reba’s songs have helped her get through the diverse trials and complexities of growing up.

At a point where she felt deserted and doing herself harm, she retreated to the comfort of Reba’s music. Her songs transported her from a place of weakness to strength.

She would go to every Reba McEntire’s concert with her mom and was fortunate to meet the country star four times. What was memorable for her though was when she was given a chance by Country 92.5 to meet Reba in person prior to her heart surgery. That moment was her life’s milestone to carry on despite three surgeries, a poor health, and a dysfunctional relationship with her mom due to substance addiction.

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Being both lovers of Reba McEntire, she and her mom eventually became peers again. They would dance and sing their hearts out while at the concerts and bond watching Reba’s TV Show.

She also amassed friends through #Tweeba – a twitter hub for Reba McEntire’s fans. As a young girl, Kelsey gets ridiculed for her affinity with the country legend. Now, with friends worldwide having a common love for Reba, life’s challenges become bearable for Kelsey.

Indeed! With Country singers the same caliber as Reba, people of different backgrounds and states are more than entertained. Having someone to look up to becomes an unspoken need. You do not just feel better. You become better.

Kelsey Matthews picked the right person to be her inspiration. May other young people do the same.
Reba McEntire – I’m A Survivor (Outnumber Hunger Concert) VIDEO BELOW: