Tanya Tucker Gives Major Props to Miranda Lambert’s Charity Work: ‘I Love What She’s Doing’


Later this month, country legends Tanya Tucker and Miranda Lambert will duke it out in various categories at the 62ndannual Grammy Awards. But at the moment, Tucker would rather spend her time giving props where props are due.

And she is sending out major props to Lambert

“I love what Miranda is doing with MuttNation (Foundation,)” Tucker tells One Country in a recent interview. “I’ve always rescued my fur babies, much like her. It’s the greatest feeling on Earth.”

Indeed, for Tucker, having the chance to lend her hand to various charities is far more important than awards or tours or number one records, especially at this time of her life.

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ONE COUNTRY: Tell us more about some of the charities you have lent your time and talents to. What is it about these organizations that made you want to help?

TANYA TUCKER: Redemption Road Rescue is really near and dear to my heart. It’s a non-profit equine rescue located in Jackson, TN. Horses should not be classified as livestock. They’re pets. And these livestock laws on the books give abusers too much gray area. We need to change the laws.

ONE COUNTRY: Do you remember an encounter that occurred during your charity work that, to this day, still touches your heart?

TANYA TUCKER: I’ve always been passionate about animal welfare. I’ve always believed that if a person abuses an animal, they’ll do the same or worse to a human. I’ve seen so many tragic cases of animal abuse that are forever engraved in my head, but I’ve always seen some real-life success stories where trainers at Redemption Road Rescue rehabilitated horses that I thought would never make it.

ONE COUNTRY: Are there other charities you hope to work with in the future?

TANYA TUCKER: There’s a new one that I discover every day that inspires me! If I could, I’d help them all.

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ONE COUNTRY: Have you ever thought about starting your own charity, and if so, what would be involved?

TANYA TUCKER: I’ve always had this idea about starting a coffee shop, where dogs are available for adoption at the coffee shop and baristas are volunteers. I think a concept like that could really be successful.

ONE COUNTRY: Being a country superstar certainly has its perks, but I would assume the ability to use your name for good would be the best part – would you agree?

TANYA TUCKER: When I was younger, my dad always would say, work your butt off, raise your platform, because the more well-known you are, the more good you can do in the world. I’m still trying to do just that.

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