Some fans on Instagram are offended by Carrie Underwood’s sheer outfit.

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Some fans on Instagram are enraged by Carrie Underwood’s sheer outfit.

Carrie Underwood may be a fashion icon thanks to her glittering stage outfits and her go-to look of CALIA by Carrie spandex, but her most recent ensemble did not inspire envy.

After posing in a sheer jumpsuit to promote her Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency, the former American Idol winner and country singer faced backlash.

The uproar began on Tuesday, when the “Cry Pretty” singer teased her Las Vegas residency on Instagram, writing, “1 DAY TO [Reflection].” She added the hashtags “[countdown to Reflection” and “[C U in Vegas], and while the countdown certainly sparked plenty of excitement among fans, it was the accompanying image that drew all the attention.

Underwood was photographed on stage, microphone in hand, against a blue and purple lit-up backdrop, wearing a sequined black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, snapped by Jeremy Cowart.


Some fans on Instagram are offended by Carrie Underwood’s sheer outfit.

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Some fans thought Underwood’s revealing outfit was far too out of character, and they weren’t shy about expressing their displeasure.

Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) shared a post on her Instagram account.

One of Underwood’s fans wrote in the comments section that they were “disappointed with this look,” while another urged her to “pick better clothes! You usually do so great!???.” A third person was a little more forthright, writing, “that’s a little skimpy attire for a Christian lady.”

Carrie is an entertainer, to be sure.

She is, however, a wife, mother, and, most importantly, a Christian.

“It breaks my heart that she wants to represent him in this way,” one person said, adding that they hoped Underwood would “choose modesty in the future.”

While Underwood has remained silent in the face of the backlash, many of her fans have rushed to her defense, with one person observing that “her entire body is covered, none of that bodysuit is sheer, you can clearly see her high waisted shorts underneath, and that’s a very moderate amount of cleavage.”

This is a show from the city of Las Vegas…

“Seriously people??? She’s an entertainer, it’s an outfit, and even if there was, she’s a grown woman,” someone said.

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