Shania Twain Wears Itty Bitty Shorts & Fishnets In Photo


Shania Twain has always known how to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion.

A perfect example is the music video for her 1997 song “Man! I Feel Like A Woman,” where she rocked a now-iconic look where she shed her clothes throughout the video, getting down to a tiny tube top dress.

Throughout her career she has always pushed the boundaries and we love her for it. She is 57-years-old and looks amazing, so why not show off her body a little bit still!

In August, she wore a short dress and a bedazzled bra for the Boots and Hearts Festival.

She went topless for the cover art of her new song “Waking Up Dreaming.”

She showed off her curves in a photoshoot for Bustle in October.

Here’s another risque photo from her album cover art shoot:

Well, her latest post on Twitter really got people talking! She was rocking some teeny tiny black shorts, fishnet stockings, and platform boots!

See some reactions to her post below.