See what Carrie Underwood has to say about her two sons’ behavior

Carrie Underwood has her hands full at home, and she’s outnumbered! Between her husband, Mike, and her two sons, Isaiah, 7, and Jacob, 3, it’s a house filled with masculinity — and bodily functions.

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“They’re seven and three. Everything with them is farts and wrestling,” she tells Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton of her young boys. “I wish I could have them turn it off at the table. But it always ends up there.

It’s not uncommon behavior for little humans at that age, but Underwood is quick to point out that each of her sons have unique personalities. And, as it turns out, Jacob actually occasionally picks on his older sibling.

“They’re both in school, Isaiah learned how to read in the past few years. He’s our sensitive guy,” she says. “He loves creepy shows on TV.”

“Jake’s a different animal than Isaiah,” the proud mom adds. “Sometimes he chases him and beats up on his older brother.”

While living in a house with two boys under the age of 10 sounds chaotic, the “Ghost Story” singer has found her happy place. During the pandemic, Underwood picked up the hobby of gardening and has acquired a very sturdy green thumb, living off her land.

“I started a garden. We have some property, so I started planting things,” she reveals. “I hadn’t gotten into it. But then I was like, ‘I don’t know where the world is going. I better learn how to do things that contribute to our well being just in case things get worse.'”

Don’t expect Underwood to be growing bouquets of flowers, though — her garden is filled with fresh produce and things to eat.

“I have friends who do flowers, and I say ‘I don’t understand you. I can’t eat flowers,’” she jokes. “You plan it out and it’s satisfying to put a seed in the ground. It’s a miracle. You end up with food afterwards, your friends come over and you can say, ‘I grew that!'”


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The Oklahoma native and her husband, who live near Nashville now, found themselves at home a lot during the pandemic. Although it was an adjustment for all, it was a welcomed change.

“I think the boys knew life was different, but they enjoyed us being at home,” she admits. “It was the first time we were at home together that much. They had a good time with it.”

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Underwood will be back on the road again this fall, kicking off her Denim & Rhinestones Tour on Oct. 15. The trek will carry on through March 17.

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