Rockin’ around the “Isaiah tree”: Carrie Underwood’s decorations have “a lot of heart”

Carrie Underwood

C arrie Underwood ‘s a superstar with a lush new holiday album titled My Gift and an elaborate HBO Max special to match.

But if you imagine she has a glamorous department-store-worthy Christmas tree at home too, you’re wrong. It turns out hers is probably a lot like yours, especially if you have two little boys.

“Our decorations started out being very silver and gold,” she explains, “simple, but not super colorful. And then Isaiah starts bringing home the things that they make at school, and that all went out the window in the best way.”

The prolific nearly-six-year-old is upstaging his brother Jake , who’ll soon be two.

“We have a ton of pictures of Isaiah on the tree,” Carrie continues. “It’s basically the Isaiah tree with like two pictures of Jake thrown in there. I just ordered some new ornaments off of one of the picture apps, so Jake can actually get on the tree as well.”

It’s exactly the kind of tree the Oklahoma native loves.

“We had the same decorations every year, but there was something so nice about the familiar, just having that comfort…” she recalls. “By the time I was in my teens, they were gross-looking, but I did not want any new ones.”

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“Any time mom would ever suggest getting new ornaments… I was like, ‘No! I love that 1980 ornament that one of your students… that you probably don’t even remember who it was brought you,'” Carrie admits.

It’s a Yuletide tradition she plans to continue with her boys.

“I want them to see their pictures from when they were little or that thing they made in kindergarten hanging on the tree. It won’t be Pinterest-worthy, but it’s definitely got a lot of heart,”

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