Report: Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher’s Marriage In Trouble Over Her ‘Smothering’ Kids

Have Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher been “clashing” over how to raise their two sons? A tabloid reported last year that the country singer and retired hockey pro can’t agree on parenting styles for their kids, which has caused “a rift” in their marriage. Gossip Cop looked into the report and can add some much-needed insight.

Mike Fisher Thinks Carrie Underwood’s “Smothering” Their Kids?

This time last year, Star ran an article about Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood’s supposed marital problems under a headline that read: “Mike To Carrie: Stop Smothering Our Kids!” According to a “pal” who spoke with the outlet, the spouses’ “clashing parenting styles” were “threatening to cause a rift” in their marriage. The so-called “pal” went on to say that Underwood was “known to shower their sons with love and affection,” while Fisher preferred to “set boundaries.”

Mike believes parents should parent, not cater to a child’s every whim.

Parenting Clashes Taking A Toll On The Two’s Marriage – Source

The source also noted that “Carrie’s overprotectiveness” around the boys “annoys” Fisher. The two had allegedly been “finding it difficult to compromise when it comes to raising their kids,” which was causing all sorts of unspecified damage to their marriage. The “pal” concluded,

It’s really affecting the dynamics of their relationship.

Gossip Cop’s Seen It All Before

All last year, the tabloids relentlessly pushed rumors that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s relationship was teetering on the edge of destruction. There were countless reasons the tabloids pushed, which included Underwood’s supposed “obsession” with fitness, her nitpicking, and even her heavy workload. This story is just as bogus as those, and Gossip Cop knows why.

Another outlet, the Globe, wrote an almost identical story that even included the same line about how parental clashes are “really affecting the dynamics of their relationship.” Just like the Star piece detailed above, Underwood was portrayed as a “coddling,” overprotective mother while Fisher was deemed the poor sop who had to put up with it all. Neither outlet had any evidence to support those claims outside the word of an unknown, unverified tipster.

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If Fisher’s Instagram account is to be believed, the boys enjoy spending time outdoors and rough and tumble activities that children their age often engage in. Underwood clearly doesn’t have a problem with that, which belies the narrative that she’s some sort of overprotective mother hen. There’s no reason to believe this outlet has any real insight into Underwood and Fisher’s parenting styles or their marriage.

In fact, Gossip Cop has busted Star in the past for its lies about Fisher and Underwood’s marriage. In 2018, the tabloid claimed Fisher had “walked out” on a pregnant Underwood. We determined the story was false at the time, and have been proven right to do so, since the two are still happily married. A year earlier, the outlet insisted Underwood was “trapped” in a bad marriage. That was not the case, we discovered. It’s hard to believe an outlet about anything when they get so many things wrong.

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