Reba McEntire Surprises Woman with Brain Cancer In ‘Love & Prayers’ Phone Cal

Reba McEntire

The megastar country singer, whose sister is a breast cancer survivor, advocates for the disease

Lisa Tapley, a terminally ill Indiana mother, wife, and school-bus driver who has glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer, recently got the surprise of her life. Her favorite singer, the legendary Reba McEntire, called not only to chat, but to pray for Tapley and her family’s comfort.

Tapley was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, according to a Facebook post by the Princeton Area Firefighters Union Local 1634, which has rallied to support Lisa and her husband, Melvin, a local Fire Captain. She has remained upbeat throughout her treatment, which included surgeries and chemotherapy.

According to the post, Tapley has declined further treatment and wants to “just let things take their course.”

Now, Tapley is in hospice — but she and her husband still plan on seeing McEntire in concert in Evanston in March, according to a report on local TV Indiana station WFIE-TV.

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A Wish Is Granted
To lift her spirits, Tapley’s husband, Melvin, and her friend, Jennifer Stacey, decided to plan a special surprise. The two contacted the James Bess Foundation, which grants wishes to adults struggling with a terminal illness, reported WFIE-TV. Her wish? “To have a praise and worship session with Reba.”

Tapley’s wish came true.

When McEntire called from Los Angeles, they chatted about the weather and music, and then they prayed together. “Dear Lord, it’s me again,” McEntire began. “I’m asking that you comfort Lisa and Melvin. Wrap your arms around them. Comfort them. And continue to love them as you always have. I’m asking for will, Lord, not ours. Your way, not ours. And I know that everything is going to be right.”

As the call ended, McEntire had one last message: “I wish I was there to hug you, Lisa.”

Tapley has captured the hearts of everyone who knows her. In a November Facebook post, the inspiring survivor wrote, “I’m very blessed with an awesome husband. He pays attention obviously to everything about me! To me that is true love! He watches enough to notice any changes in many things, not just with this cancer, but everything! I hope you all have that. And that you are that to someone!”

Reba McEntire’s Cancer Advocacy
In 2015, McEntire’s oldest sister, Alice, was diagnosed with breast cancer, according to According to the site, she wrote: “Over the next month, we as a family stood hand in hand with her as she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation therapy. Cancer took front and center stage and all of Alice’s attention and effort was put into beating the heck out of it! The entire process and ordeal was one that brings a whole new outlook to how you feel and respond to this horrible disease. When someone you love goes through breast cancer you feel absolutely helpless.”

McEntire’s advocacy includes helping to raise funds at a variety of events, including for Susan G. Komen Tulsa and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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