Reba McEntire Is Coming Back to TV

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire is hands down one of my favorite performers. When she announced she would be hitting the road in 2020 for a dozen tour dates, I was so very happy.

Then she wowed us with her performance of ‘Fancy’ at the CMA Awards, proving she was still Queen of Country.

Now I have just learned that our favorite, legendary country singer is coming back to TV! Before you get too excited – it’s not a full-blown Reba reboot. She will be guest starring on Young Sheldon.

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TVLine has reported that she’s playing June, Dale Ballard’s (Craig T. Nelson) “fun and fiery” ex-wife. McEntire previously headlined the WB comedy Reba, which co-starred Melissa Peterman, who plays Young Sheldon neighbor Brenda Sparks. TVLine has (sadly) confirmed that McEntire and Peterman will not cross paths on the CBS comedy.

Here is a little taste of some of the best moments:

This show was so funny. It’s a real shame they decided to end it on Season 6. Easily could have done a few more.

I still love to watch the re-runs! Such a good show, maybe they will do a reboot one day?

WATCH Funny Barbra Jean Moments from the 4th Season of Reba VIDEO BELOW:

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