Reba McEntire Got Candid About Experiencing ‘A Lot of Lows’ After Her Divorce

Reba McEntire

She’s a “Survivor” after all.

Reba McEntire is rarely seen without a smile on her face, but that doesn’t mean the “Fancy” singer hasn’t had some rough patches.

Reba and her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock divorced in 2015, a decision that didn’t come easy to Reba. Still, she decided to “take my marbles and go play somewhere else” when things didn’t work out. “Our lives are too short to be miserable,” she told CMT at the time.

Now, Reba, 64, is opening up more about that tough moment in her life. In a new interview with Parade, Reba was asked to reflect on this past decade and call out accomplishments that made her proud.

“Well, I survived divorce,” she began. “I’ve gone on with my career. My team and I have won a Grammy and are nominated for another, so I’m thrilled with the progress and being able to move on, regardless of what happens in your personal life.”

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She continued, “Plus, my children are happy and healthy, and I’m having more time to spend with my immediate family—my mother and my brother and sisters. Even though we’ve had a lot of lows, I’ve had a great decade.”

It’s true that Reba never seems happier than when she’s around her son, Shelby, who she shares with Narvel, and her stepkids including Brandon Blackstock and her daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson.

Though Reba still deserves to find that special someone—she recently parted ways with boyfriend Skeeter Lasuzzo—it seems she’s just as happy as ever going into 2020 on her own terms.

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