Reba McEntire gives fans a behind-the-scenes peek at tonight’s Young Sheldon guest spot

Reba McEntire

Tonight, Reba McEntire gets to add to her TV acting resume with a guest role on Young Sheldon , the spin-off prequel of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory .

Before the episode airs, Reba is offering a sneak peek at one of its scenes. The singer plays June, the ex-wife of Coach Ballard, the latter of whom is now striking up a romance with Young Sheldon’s grandmother, Meemaw.

In the clip Reba shared on social media , June and Meemaw meet for a slightly awkward — though lighthearted — drink, and strike up an unlikely friendship.

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“I play June. I am Meemaw’s new boyfriend’s ex-wife. How’s that for a roundabout?!” Reba explains in a clip she posted to social media. “She’s letting Meemaw know what kind of guy Dale is. He might be a little nervous, too, [about] what [she’s] gonna be telling Meemaw.”

“When we have someone like Miss Reba on the show, it’s really, really fun,” says 11-year-old Iain Hermitage , who plays the title role on the show.

“I think Miss Reba McEntire fans will love it and Young Sheldon fans will love it.”

Reba’s episode of Young Sheldon airs tonight at 8PM ET on CBS.

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