Norma Strait: The King of Country’s Love in Everything

George Strait

To say that Norma Strait is the better half of “The King of Country” George Strait is an understatement.

Over the years, George and Norma Strait had successfully navigated through rough times which kept peace and harmony in their family. Their union was also looked up to as a model of a solid relationship in the music industry.

How They Met
Norma and George went to the same high school in Frio Country Texas. They were high school sweethearts who, for several reasons, drifted apart. Fortunately, George realized that he would have lost the woman of his dreams by letting Norma go. Similarly, Norma had the heart to welcome George back.

George Strait said that Norma was his first love whom he’d also known for years growing up. Though initially hesitant to pursue a romantic relationship with Norma, George gave it a shot and asked her out. After their first date, they did not see each other again for quite some time. Norma’s absence, however, made George felt a hollow in him. That’s when he realized that Norma’s a very special person in his life.

A Life Spent Together
The couple decided to marry on December 4, 1941, in Mexico. They were about 19 years old.

After marriage, George joined the U.S Army. Norma supported her husband and stood by him in all his decisions. During his stay with the U.S. Army, George was able to start a successful band named, “Rambling Country” which launched his career as a country music singer.

On October 6, 1972, Norma gave birth to her and George’s first child, Jenifer followed by their son, George “Bubba” Strait Jr. in 1981.

Tragic Loss
In 1986, George and Norma’s first child, Jenifer was involved in a car crash in San Marcos, which led to her death. She was only 13 years old. This left the Strait family in shock. George said that Jennifer was like Bubba’s second mother. She would always let Bubba feel special.

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The Strait family preferred to deal with their loss in private. George stopped entertaining interviews and avoided every talk that would lead to questions about the tragic accident. He buried himself to work, zipped his lips and gripped his aching heart.

In memory of their beloved daughter, George started the Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation. The foundation aims to help and support children in need. George would eventually release a heartfelt song “Baby Blue” which was a clear statement of the pain he faced after losing his daughter.

Norma Strait as Wife and Mother
After the tragic loss of Jenifer, Norma Strait devoted her time as a full-time mom so she could keep a close watch at Bubba until he went off to college at Texas A&M. Bubba would, later on, marry his fiancee, Tamara. Norma and George soon became grandparents with Bubba’s first child, George Harvey Strait III followed by Jillian Louise in 2016

Norma Strait continued to support her husband’s career who was soon deemed Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music. George Strait was eventually nominated into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

In 2017, Norma and George celebrated their 46th Year of Marriage. Their unbreakable bond was evident despite their low profile relationship and private life.

George also released his 40th studio album, “Love is Everything” which summarizes their whole experience as a couple. The album featured 13 new tracks which included the single “Give It All We Got Tonight.”

Besides serenading us with amazing country hits, George Strait’s union with Norma Strait taught us lessons about love and family. It’s common for every couple to experience ups and downs, and the way the Straits dealt with them was admirable. Thus, they’re among the marriages worth recommending to emulate.

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