No, Miranda Lambert Is Not Getting Pregnant to Seek Revenge on Blake Shelton


Sometimes it seems harder for the public to move on from a celebrity break up than it does for the individuals themselves. This is especially true when the couple — or at least their public personas — seem perfect for one another.

While we may cheer on the demise of a relationship of ill-suited lovers, some couples just seem matched by fate. When it turns out they weren’t actually meant to be, the public can have a hard time letting go.

That seems to be the case with Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Even though the pair split five years ago and have each moved on to other serious relationships, many people still look for signs that they aren’t over each other.

The most recent speculation is the rumor that Lambert’s new pregnancy is a calculated revenge move targeted at Shelton. Is there any reason to believe something so extreme?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton captured people’s hearts

Lambert and Shelton seemed like a match made in country music heaven. The two each had their own dedicated fan bases when they met in 2005. They were paired up for the CMT 100 Greatest Duets special and sang “You’re the Reason God Make Oklahoma.”

Shelton, who was married at the time, later reflected on the interaction: “Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage.”

Five months later, Shelton filed for divorce from his first wife. By 2010, Lambert and Shelton were engaged. They tied the knot the next year and seemed like a picture-perfect couple that had many fans smitten.

By 2013, though, trouble emerged. Cheating rumors plagued Shelton, and he was adamant to both the public and Lambert that they had no truth behind them. No one knows what the exact cause of the split was, though some speculate that one or both cheated. They were divorced in 2015.

A video of that original duet performance has been viewed more than 8.5 million times since it was posted in 2013, so it’s clear that the public has stayed invested in this relationship even as it came to an end.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have both moved on

While the public may still be trying to figure out what went wrong, both Lambert and Shelton have moved on.

In 2019, Lambert remarried after a brief courtship with former New York City police officer Brendan McLoughlin. The pair seem extremely happy, and friends report that Lambert has finally opened back up and been more herself since entering the new relationship.

Meanwhile, Shelton’s relationship with Gwen Stefani has generated its own fandom. Many people find the relationship between two musicians with such different personas and from such different genres to be endearing. The pair’s public performance as hosts on The Voice helped solidify fans’ interest in them as a couple, and many hope that marriage is in the near future.

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Tabloids reported Miranda Lambert is pregnant

While both Lambert and Shelton have moved on to new relationships, many people still seem determined to tie their actions together. In particular, people frequently look to Lambert’s actions for signs that she hasn’t gotten over the divorce.

One of the many theories about their relationship ending is that Shelton did not want kids, so when the National Enquirer reported that Lambert and McLoughlin were expecting a baby, fans were quick to jump in with theories. Some believe the pregnancy is a kind of revenge on Shelton. The National Enquirer called it “sweet revenge on her ex.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, there is no verification of pregnancy. GossipCop claims to have reached out to a “trusted source close to the situation.” The source told the outlet that Lambert is not pregnant.

What’s more, GossipCop notes that the National Enquirer has a history of reporting on “revenge babies” as a way to stir up headlines and drama. The publication has made the same claims using Miranda Kerr and even Kylie Jenner after her Travis Scott split.

There’s no evidence to suggest that any of the women they’ve accused of making this calculated choice actually had their exes in mind when they decided to grow their families.

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