Nicole Kidman Shares Photos Of Her & Keith Urban’s Pets


February 20, 2021 was National Love Your Pet Day. Nicole Kidman made sure to honor the occasion by posting a few pictures of her and Keith Urban‘s furry family members.

Keith and Nicole have a dog and three cats. Their cats’ names are Ginger, Snow, and Louis, and their dog is named Julius.

Louis is the newest member of the Kidman-Urban brood. He is a rescue cat, and joined the family after Keith and Nicole adopted him in September 2020.

The handsome feline has a black and white coat and a long, fluffy tail.

National Love Your Pet Day gave Nicole the perfect excuse to share even more photos of Louis and her other furbabies. She posted a slideshow containing four pictures, with the first showing her snuggling Louis in her arms.

The second picture is of Ginger and Snow sitting next to each other while looking out in the distance. They are such gorgeous cats!
As for the third picture, it depicts Keith and Nicole’s adorable dog Julius. The picture shows him resting with his paws draped over the side of his bed. Like his kitty companions, Julius is a sweet ball of fluff!

The fourth and final picture in the slideshow shows Julius looked up at Ginger and Snow, who were comfortably perched on some of the dining room chairs.

You can see all four pictures of Keith and Nicole’s furry family members below.

A few years ago, Keith and Nicole also had a pet bunny and fish. Nicole told some funny stories about them while she was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Watch that interview below.

We love hearing about Keith and Nicole’s pets, don’t y’all?