Miranda Lambert’s Husband Brendan McLoughlin Slips, Falls Down Front Steps [Watch]


At least Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin stuck the landing. New video finds him falling down his icy steps at home, and as far as we can tell, he’s OK.

It sure took him awhile to walk away. Actually, it took him 33 seconds, several grunts, one whistle and an expletive his wife cut out of the clip to pick himself back up and head toward his truck for whatever morning activity he had planned.

“It’s the whistle at the end for me,” Lambert says, commenting on video shared by McLoughlin on Instagram. The dude can’t even get a little sympathy.

Southerners know why McLoughlin fell. Tuesday night (Jan. 31) brought a mix of rain, sleet and snow to Tennessee and areas south, but not so much that you’d look out your window and notice danger. So, a thin sheet of ice covered his home’s front steps.

Amazingly, he never really lands on his butt — instead, he sort of holds a low crouch as he skates down the stairway.

The video looks to have been taken at the couple’s residence, and McLoughlin looks to be running to his truck to grab something (firewood, maybe?) out of the back. Hundreds of his followers on IG commented, but the best goes to someone who uses the @big_daddy8120 handle:
“I’d sue the homeowner if I were you,” Big Daddy writes. The former police officer responded with several laugh emojis.

Lambert married McLoughlin in secret on Jan. 26, 2019
He has one child from a previous relationship
They spent their fourth wedding anniversary in Mexico, where he gave her a new wedding band as a gift
In her Instagram Stories, Lambert reveals that her husband is fine after the fall. Despite the grunts and curse words, he suffered little more than a bruised ego.