Miranda Lambert says she’s ‘never strayed away from exactly who I am’ in tell-all interview


Miranda Lambert has been in the music industry since she was 17 years old, during which not only did she rack up numerous awards (two Grammys, 13 CMAs and 34 ACMs) but she also encountered a variety of different fans along the way.

The country star, 36, was interviewed last week during the Country Radio Seminar 2020, a three-day conference in Nashville, Tenn., and she revealed more about her private life with her husband, where she keeps her awards and meeting one of her icons Dolly Parton.

Read on for the top seven moments from her in-depth interview:

Fan Encounters

“This lady actually came up to me,” Lambert recalled about an encounter years ago. “And she said, ‘I got off because he was beating me, but ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ saved my life.’”

Lambert added, “She goes, ‘I shot him. I shot his ass.’”

Dog Lady

“I’ve always been an animal person and I’ve always rescued dogs. No one can be pissed about saving a dog. Everyone’s pissed about everything these days,” she said. “I have nine dogs.”

Meeting Dolly

“We were filming something for Dumplin’,” Lambert said of working on Dolly Parton’s Netflix film, and she said the icon told her to, “Find your good light!”

“It was the first thing she ever said to me,” Lambert remembered. “And I thought, that’s already great advice in every way! Find your good light … OK, I’ve got you, Dolly!”


One of Lambert’s husband’s, Brendan McLoughlin, favorite songs is “How Dare You Love.”

“He requests it all the time, and I never do it,” she told the audience at the event. “He’s actually a really good person to bounce things off because he loves mainstream music of all kinds. He really cares about music, but doesn’t have the business part of it, which is nice sometimes. But he loves this song, so I figure, hopefully, other people do.”

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Overcoming shyness

Lambert described how she was painfully shy as a child and was ironically “terrified of crowds.”

“I got my first guitar at 14 but it wasn’t my idea, it was my dad’s idea,” she said. “I didn’t know what I was going to do with it … I wrote my first song at 14 about a girl named Mandy Leigh. She was going to Nashville to become a singer. I played it for my little brother who was 10 at the time. He said, ‘It’s not very good, but you’re getting there.’”

Lambert started singing regularly at bars at 17 years old. “It’s when I got my chops and realized it was the only thing that came natural,” she said. “It’s like my personality came alive — this was what I was supposed to do but I didn’t know it. I’m still terrified [of performing] sometimes, but I think if you’re not, that’s when you’ve gotta quit.”

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Staying humble

“I’ve never strayed away from exactly who I am. At times it’s not helpful in business for me to just be who I am. That’s the only advice I’ve gotten from my mom. She said, ‘You just need to know who you are and stick with it.’ Popular or not, I never cut a song that I was iffy about. I’ve never done something imagewise that I was iffy about. If it’s a ‘maybe,’ it’s a ‘no.’ We live by that,” Lambert explained. “That’s why we have had success, because we are trustworthy that way. It’s real and it’s true.


“My legacy now is what I did,” the “Bluebird” singer said.. “It’s how many people I was good to and how many dogs I saved … that’s how I’m going to chase this next decade — with more quality, not quantity. I want to balance everything better now and not rush to the next [thing] because, what is the next?”

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