Miranda Lambert Reveals Relationship Dealbreaker: Is It Responsible for Blake Shelton Marriage Failure?


Everyone has a relationship deal-breaker. There are some things people just can’t get over, no matter how much they like their partner. For some, deal breakers may be simple quirks, like chewing with an open mouth. Others have deal-breakers that are more personal, like a personality trait. As for Miranda Lambert, all her potential boyfriends must love dogs.

Miranda Lambert’s current husband Brendan McLoughlin passed the test

Dog lovers are a tight-knit group. It’s fairly common for dog enthusiasts to insist their partner share their interest in canines. So much so that they even made a movie about it.

Lambert is one of those people. She loves dogs. It’s something that she’s dedicated her life to.

She started a charity — Muttnation — with her mother to help dogs find homes. Muttnation does a lot of work for homeless animals. Lambert even asked fans to bring donations for animal shelters to her concerts.

Lambert has a new man in her life. Her romance with Brendan McLoughlin came out of the left field. McLoughlin isn’t famous: He’s an NYPD police officer, which is pretty much the exact opposite of a country superstar. But Lambert made sure he passed her deal-breaker test early on.

According to Lambert: “When I first met him, I realized I looked a little bit like a crazy dog lady. Which is fine with me, because that’s what I am. I was like, ‘Hey, if you don’t like dogs, that’s kind of a deal-breaker.’”

Luckily McLoughlin doesn’t just like dogs. He loves them.

Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert don’t have much else in common

Aside from loving dogs, these two are about as different as it gets. From what we know about him, McLoughlin is a born and bred New Yorker, while Lambert is a southern country singer. McLoughlin also has a child. One of his exes had a baby boy right around the time he met Lambert.

McLoughlin and Lambert met while he was doing security for Good Morning America. Given that his ex was expecting a baby, it seems like a strange time to make a big move, but that’s exactly what Lambert and McLoughlin did. After just three or so months of dating, the two got married.

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The two bonded over loving dogs, so it’s fitting that they now have a ton. It’s not only dogs, either. The couple keeps all kinds of farm animals on their property.

This month marks their first anniversary, and although there have always been rumors that they’re headed for a split, insiders are adamant that they’re happily married.

Is this deal breaker the reason Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorced?

The short answer is no. Shelton may not be as much of an animal lover as Lambert, but he passes the dog test. As a country singer, it’s kind of part of the package: A country musician who hates dogs just doesn’t make sense.

Shelton’s dog, Betty, even inspired one of his songs. In his collaboration with Pitbull, “Get Ready,” Shelton sings a sample from the classic rock staple “Black Betty.” Shelton and Pitbull’s song was inspired by Betty the canine, who was named after the rock song.

Much like Lambert and McLoughlin, Lambert and Shelton lived on a small ranch while they were married. The two split in 2015, but before that the had a property in Oklahoma where they lived a good life with a number of farm animals.

Dogs aren’t the reason Shelton and Lambert broke up. Hopefully whatever the reason was, history doesn’t repeat itself this time. McLoughlin and Lambert deserve many happy years of wedded bliss.

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