Miranda Lambert Reveals How She Got Over Blake Shelton Divorce ‘Sh-t Show’


Nashville is a special place for country stars. It’s the hub of the genre. Nashville is to country music what Hollywood is to movies. It seems like everyone who is anyone in the industry ends up in Nashville one way or another.

Miranda Lambert ended up there after her divorce from Blake Shelton in 2015. For Lambert, the city is more than just the most important location for country stars: She found a home there.

Nashville helped Miranda Lambert heal

After her messy divorce from Shelton, Lambert wanted to get away from anything that had to do with the life they led together. The two spent their four-year marriage living in Shelton’s home state of Oklahoma. When it was over, she went to Nashville.

Lambert recently played a concert in the city, where she opened up about how important Nashville became for her healing. It sounds like the city may have been the place she was meant to be all along.

According to Lambert, “I feel like Nashville is somewhere where you can go if you need to be a dreamer and not be judged about it. I spent a lot of time here on highs and lows … I went through a really hard time in my life.”

In Nashville, Lambert found artistic support and was able to make some of the best music of her career.

Miranda Lambert was in a dark place after her divorce from Blake Shelton

Apparently her relationship with Shelton gave Lambert a lot of material for her music.

The two were surrounded by drama from start to finish. They met while Shelton was still married to his ex-wife, and it seemed like Lambert was the reason for Shelton’s marriage breaking up.

They were together for a few years before tying the knot, but as soon as they did the rumors started. For some reason, the tabloids predicted divorce was imminent for these two country stars.

It was obviously untrue for a long time. Shelton and Lambert were married for four years. Eventually, the two parted ways.

Needless to say, Lambert was a mess by the time she got to Nashville. But as Lambert tells it, the city had her back.

She shared: “I moved here in 2015 in the middle of a s–t show, but I was lifted up by people who were like, ‘We got you, girl.’ My friends and my songwriters and my fans and everybody here.”

Miranda Lambert has moved on

For Lambert, Nashville is no longer the place she got over Shelton. Now, it’s where she started a new life with her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin. According to Lambert, there has been one constant in her life through her relationship with Shelton, their subsequent divorce, and her new marriage: her band.

Pistol Annies consists of two other women aside from Lambert. Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley came out on stage with Lambert in Nashville.

Lambert tried to give the crowd there an idea of how much the three have been through together. After all, they’ve been together for 10 years: “And in that decade, we have accomplished a lot of life together. … Three husbands, two ex-husbands. Three babies, a stepchild and 24 animals.”

The stepchild refers to McLoughlin’s baby from a previous relationship. The little boy was born right around the time McLoughlin met Lambert. Lambert and her new husband married a year ago, in February of 2019. They’d been dating for just three months.

As for the 24 animals, most of those could be Lambert’s. She’s well known for being an animal lover. She and McLoughlin live on a ranch with many rescued critters.

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