Miranda Lambert, Leon Bridges Delight During Soulful ‘If You Were Mine’ [Listen]


Miranda Lambert shows her soulful side throughout her new unrequited love song, “If You Were Mine.” R&B singer Leon Bridges joins the country singer to complete a striking vocal pairing.

In fact, it’s Bridges’ impressive range that sets the tender ballad apart from anything in county music. Few men dare to live with him at the top of the staff, so when he enters to finish the first verse, it tickles the eardrums.

“He let you go like a dandelion / And you blew out with the breeze / If I ever get ahold of you / I’d never let you leave,” Bridges sings. The strength of this lyric (credit Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Jesse Frasure) is in the simplicity. The two singers are left with plenty of room to make it their own, and a new studio video literally shows that happening.
Both seem to improv around the other, as if they’ve been rehearsing together for several months.

“I’d make sure your stars are shining / Sure as the Frio’s winding / I’d bottle you up like lightning / I’d rope the moon for you / A million times / That’s what I’d do / If you were mine,” Lambert and Bridges sing during each chorus.

“If You Were Mine” finds Lambert longing for her lover, but her performance is light enough that one wouldn’t call the song a heartbreaker. The bluesy production keeps the melody buoyant — both seem to be singing with a smile, not a hole in their heart.

More new music is to follow Lambert’s “If You Were Mine,” but she stopped short of announcing a new EP or full-length record.