Miranda Lambert Drives 30 Minutes Out of Her Way for 1 Favorite Snack


Miranda Lambert shows no signs of slowing in her country music domination. Unfortunately, like many celebrities, she receives plenty of unsolicited criticism about her weight. The singer approaches her diet with a no-nonsense attitude, uncomplicated meals, and room for an occasional treat. One of her favorite snacks is found at a particular gas station convenience store, and Lambert will literally go the extra mile to get it.
How did Miranda Lambert get fitter?
Lambert has no problem admitting her weight fluctuates. The country star also doesn’t mind being curvy, and fans often tell her they appreciate seeing a celebrity who isn’t unrealistically thin.
But as she approached her 30th birthday, Lambert wanted to get fitter. So she began working with a personal trainer and dropped a dress size. The regimen has also helped her maintain a healthier lifestyle despite personal turmoil.

The now-39-year-old’s diet isn’t overly restrictive, and she enjoys various healthy foods. Breakfast is usually a light meal of fruit, egg whites, and avocado. She often opts for vegetable soup or grilled chicken for lunch. And dinner might include a hearty and satisfying main dish such as meatloaf or enchiladas.

Although she usually opts for healthier choices most of the time, Lambert isn’t willing to sacrifice the foods she enjoys. After all, she likes to eat and sees no reason to avoid her favorites.

“I haven’t given up everything! I try to just cut everything in half,” she told Hello!

Miranda Lambert goes out of her way for Buc-ee’s beef jerky

In a 2019 interview on The Bobby Bones Show, Miranda Lambert expressed her down-to-earth attitude, including her love for a special treat from an unexpected place.

“I love Buc-ee’s,” she admitted. “It’s like my happiest place.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Buc-ee’s, it’s a country store and gas station located in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Lambert revealed she’s happy to drive the extra mile to find a location.

“The closest one to my house is still like 30 minutes away from my parents, and I’ll go out of my way when I go home. They have a jerky bar,” she said. To emphasize her love of Buc’ee’s jerky, she repeated this important fact later in the interview: “and a jerky bar, again, I say.”

Lambert’s devotion to the dried-meat snack doesn’t mean she has abandoned her healthy ways. Health reports that beef jerky can be a convenient protein source that fits well into keto and low-carb diets. However, it’s high in sodium, so it’s best enjoyed in moderation.