Miranda Lambert is opening up about her difficult divorce from former husband Blake Shelton.

During her Friday night performance at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville during her Wildcard tour, she admitted to fans that she had “highs and lows” in the southern city, where she moved during her highly publicized 2015 divorce.

“I feel like Nashville is somewhere where you can go if you need to be a dreamer and not be judged about it. I spent a lot of time here on highs and lows … I went through a really hard time in my life,” told the crowd, according to Billboard. “I moved here in 2015 in the middle of a s—show, but I was lifted up by people who were like, ‘We got you, girl.’ My friends and my songwriters and my fans and everybody here.”

Miranda found love again a few years later, after meeting her current husband Brendan McLoughlin in 2018, marrying him just months later.

“I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life to know what I don’t want,” Miranda told Health magazine in a December 2019 cover story. “So when I know what I do want, I snatch it right up,” she added. She also insinuated that it was love at first sight.

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“I guess so,” she said. “If that’s a thing. I have eight dogs. Had love at first sight with them, too. Must be way easier than I thought.”

The show proved to be cathartic for the star, who called the performance a “dream come true” on social media later in the evening.

“Thank you Nashville for an amazing night,” she wrote on Instagram. “I haven’t played Bridgestone Arena in 8 years. Coming back to play for a sold out crowd was a dream come true!”

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