Mike Fisher Recovers Stolen 1975 Ford F-250 Truck With Help From Social Media

Celebrities, they’re just like us – at least when it comes to becoming targets for car thieves. Former NHL star Mike Fisher had his brand new 1975 Ford F-250 truck stolen, but his story comes with a happy ending.

Mike Fisher and wife Carrie Underwood, aka the world’s most successful female country singer, live in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. Fisher hails from Canada, where he used to play hockey for the Ottawa Senators, before he was traded to the Nashville Predators.

In May this year, Fisher bought a beautiful 1975 F-250 truck from fellow Canadian Kaden Reinders, according to the Daily Mail. As he was waiting delivery on the truck, it got stolen – and the fact that it didn’t have license plates yet could have possibly made tracking it down all the more difficult.

However, Fisher has something us regular folks don’t: a famous name and over 550K followers on Instagram. Ultimately, it was social media that helped him track down the truck, after he posted a desperate plea to anyone in the area who might have seen the missing vehicle.

“my truck was stolen last night in Edmonton Alberta. If you see this truck anywhere please DM me or contact Edmonton police! It’s a 1975 ford f250 crew cab! Thanks,” Fisher’s original post read. He added in the comments the mention that the truck had no plates at the time it was taken.


In an update, he’s letting the world know that “truck was found! Thanks to everyone for all the help!!” so the implication is that police were able to trace it down after receiving tips from social media users.

“It’s so nice to see in our world now days there still nice enough people to drop what there doing and help out,” Reinders also says on Instagram, adding that the truck is finally making its way to its new owner, across the U.S. border.

And this is today’s feel-good, happy-ending celebrity story.

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