Luke Combs’ Road Family Thanks Fans For Keeping Gas In Their Trucks, Roofs Over Their Heads And Food On The Table

Luke Combs introduced fans to his road family and allowed them to personally thank The Bootleggers community because without them, his 21 crew members would not have been able to survive the financial burden of the ongoing pandemic.

And because of The Bootleggers’ loyal support, the “Forever After All” singer is able to keep his road family on payroll during this pandemic. With you buying the music and continuing to show your support of the country superstar, his road family are able to support themselves and their families at home throughout the entire pandemic.

In a new clip shared to social media by Combs, he introduces fans to his entire road crew and allows them to personally thank each and everyone of you.

“Hey guys. Luke here. Happy New Year, Super glad it’s 2021,” Combs said. “I don’t need to tell you guys how crazy of a year last year was, I was able to accomplish some really cool things in 2020 which was really strange considering the circumstances. I just want to reiterate the things I used to say on stage, back when that was a thing, I always say on stage that I’m just the guy that gets to be the front of this whole operation. And there’s so many guys behind the scenes that make so many different things possible. The No. 1 thing that makes all of this go ’round is you guys: the fans.”

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“And so my guys you usually don’t hear from, not just the band but the crew, essentially everybody that I’ve had on payroll for the last year, just wanted to tell you guys a little something. I wanted to give those guys a chance to introduce themselves to the fans and say thank you for giving them the opportunity to survive and provide for their families this year.”

Combs then passed the video over to everyone in his road family from his bandmates to his techs and even his tour manager.

His road crew includes: Ethan (Tour Manager), Todd (Audio Engineer), Tyler (Band Member), JD (Guitar Tech), Matthew (Stage Manager), Dustin (Band Members), Delaney (Band Leader And Member), Ed (Guitar Tech), Ken (Security), Jake (Band Member), Dan (Audio Tech), Trevor (Camera Op), Rob (Band Member), Evan (Guitar Tech), Jerry (Production Manager), Zues (Monitor Engineer), RJ (Production Assistant), Tyler (Security), David (Tour Photographer), Andrew (VIB Coordinator) and Neil (Band Member).

Hear their thank you message to you, The Bootleggers, below.