Luke Bryan’s niece got engaged and the singer’s reaction was priceless

Luke Bryan’s Christmas just got a little more festive: His niece, Jordan Cheshire, got engaged this week.

On her Instagram stories, the singer’s wife, Caroline, shared their family’s good news, and also posted snapshots of the country singer’s surprised reaction to the proposal.

“Our precious niece is engaged and this is the picture that explains our night!!!” Caroline Bryan wrote alongside a stunned selfie taken against a backdrop of silver and gold balloons.

Next, she shared a picture of the newly engaged Cheshire showing off her ring, with Luke Bryan checking out his niece’s new piece of jewelry.

Jordan Cheshire, who is in her mid-20s, is the oldest of three children born to Luke Bryan’s older sister, Kelly, and her husband, Ben Cheshire. Kelly Cheshire died in 2007 and Ben Cheshire died in 2014, leaving behind then-20-year-old Jordan Cheshire, as well as 16-year-old Kris Cheshire and 13-year-old Til Cheshire. Luke Bryan and his wife have since been very active in the three kids’ lives and Til moved in with country superstar couple, joining their two younger sons, Thomas Boyer and Tatum Christopher.

Luke Bryan’s family has always been a big, blended affair, and with the addition of a new fiancé, the household is getting even bigger.

In addition to the usual holiday festivities, Bryan and his family have been enjoying Pranksmas, an annual tradition of pulling pranks on friends and each other. The most recent target? Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet, who was on the receiving end of a prank during a dinner party gone wrong.

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