LISTEN: George Strait and Grandson’s Dreamy Duet of “God and Country Music”

George Strait

County music pillar George Strait and grandson, George Harvey Strait III, sang a memorable duet of his newest single, “God and Country Music.” The album, his first in years, was officially released on March 29, 2019, which also included George’s 2018 single “Codigo.”

Strait first performed the song (without Harvey) during one of his shows in Las Vegas in December 2019. This was part of his Strait to Vegas shows. Little did people know that the song was ready to be released and was even surprised by the appearance of George’s grandson Harvey.

George Strait and his grandson’s collab has been the buzz lately, hitting the radio waves.

Honky Tonk Time Machine
Strait’s latest album, “Honky Tonk Time Machine,” also features several collaborations with other artists including Willie Nelson and songs written by Johnny Paycheck, his son Bubba Strait, and Lori McKenna.

Upon its release, the album earned positive feedbacks. Stephen Thomas Erlewine states that George Strait’s approach in making songs sound appealing to listeners has not faded. Strait’s humor, tenderness, and ease in delivery also added grace to the Honky Tonk Time Machine songs.

Critics also classified the songs in Strait’s new album as consistently strong from their beginning to end.


God and Country Music
“God and Country Music” was written by MCkenna, Luke Laird and Barry Dean. George Strait, himself, has emphasized that God and Country Music are worth saving.

It took George and Harvey several takes to complete the recording. Despite the long session, Harvey was all in. He was focused and also drawn just as much as George to the song’s heart message.

George Strait’s Faith
Among the many things that endeared George Strait to his fans was how he dealt with personal difficulties offstage. His love for his family and the deep devotion that he had for God has kept him grounded. Strait’s faith has inspired many particularly on how he approached a tragedy that could have ended his career easily – the death of his daughter, Jenifer. Two decades after his daughter’s death, George Strait released the song, “You’ll Be There.” In the song, George, as a man of faith, believes that they will soon meet in heaven.

Despite news and rumors about retirement, the King of Country will keep producing new albums. George Strait aims to release one album per year. His tours & shows will also keep coming.

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