Keith Urban, Vince Gill, & Chris Stapleton Show Off Killer Guitar Skills In Epic Breakdown


What happens when three of the biggest names currently on the country music scene get on stage together?

Following a performance of his critically acclaimed ballad “Blue Ain’t Your Color” at CRS 2017’s Annual UMG Luncheon, Keith Urban was joined by labelmates Chris Stapleton and Vince Gill for an epic six-minute guitar breakdown.

UMG’s CRS Luncheon is an annual event in which more than a dozen artists on the label have a chance to show their talents to radio programmers and broadcasters, many of the artists playing unreleased songs they hope to be their next single.

The three country superstars showed off their killer guitar skills, jamming out alongside one another in what can only be described as an unforgettable musical moment. Clear that no act could follow them up, their performance acted as the closing to the label’s annual luncheon.

You can check out their killer guitar skills below.

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