Keith Urban Uses CMA Fest Magic To Join Carrie Underwood For ‘The Fighter’

Carrie Underwood

Country Duets Are The Best
Duets are some of the most popular songs in country music. All you have to do is look at the success of songs such as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers‘ “Islands in the Stream” to know the truth of that statement.

Another hit country duet has emerged in more recent times. Performed by Keith Urban and featuring Carrie Underwood, “The Fighter” battled its way to country radio stations all over the map, and claimed the top spot on the chart.

Urban and Underwood have performed the song at countless awards shows, including the Grammys, and CMT Music Awards.

But the two obviously can’t be together every time Urban wants to sing “The Fighter” live.

The Perfect Solution
So when Underwood was unable to attend the 2017 CMA Fest in Nashville, Urban found a creative solution. Underwood taped herself singing her parts to the song before Urban took the stage, and he kept that footage in his back pocket to surprise his fans.

As the packed crowd listened to Urban sing, they were surprised to see Underwood’s image suddenly appear on one of the screens next to the stage.

Wearing a shirt with Urban’s Ripcord cover art on the front, Underwood grooved along to the music as she sang.

We’re glad that Urban added that special touch to his performance. “The Fighter” just isn’t the same without Underwood singing with him! Tune in below to watch Urban work a little CMA Fest magic with Underwood on “The Fighter.”

This is one song we will never get tired of listening to!

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