John Rich Calls Out ‘Woke’ Record Labels Pursuing Breakout Star Oliver Anthony


Raising his voice on social media, John Rich called out bigwig Nashville Record Labels aggressively pursuing viral sensation Oliver Anthony.
Oliver Anthony’s meteoric rise to fame has been inescapable across social media platforms. The Virginia based phenom captivated millions with his August 8th YouTube video featuring a live acoustic performance of his original folk song “Rich Men North of Richmond.” Filmed against a rustic countryside backdrop, Anthony’s raw musical gift immediately resonated.

The YouTube video alone has amassed over 20 million views and counting. Anthony’s personal X account boasts 25.6 million views of the same clip. And that excludes the tens of millions more views as the performance went viral through shares and reposts across the internet.

In mere days, Anthony’s raw authenticity and unmatched songwriting skills made him a household name. Fueled by the power of social media, Anthony’s star was born thanks to the mega-virality of a single video spotlighting his down to earth, gritty style and passion for blue-collar workers and average folks. The song is about hard working people being “sick and tired of being sick and tired” with references to long hours and BULLSHIT pay. We all know the feeling.

According to John Rich, “All the major record labels in Nashville are falling over themselves to lure Oliver Anthony. The irony is, if he would’ve been signed to a label when he wrote this song, none of us would have EVER heard it! His song fried their brains. Their greed is overriding their wokeness.”

Oliver Plays First Show Following Massive Viral Success
Oliver Anthony’s first concert after achieving viral fame took him back to where it all started. On August 13th he returned to Morris Farm Market in Currituck, North Carolina – the same humble venue where only weeks earlier he’d performed for an audience of just 20 people.

Now with millions of online fans, the phenom drew a massive crowd, with thousands of people gathering for an unforgettable homecoming show. Traffic was backed up for hours on the interstate, but fans didn’t care– they just wanted to see Anthony perform and the show turned out to be well worth the wait…


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On August 13th, John Rich took to X with additional praise for Oliver:

John Rich Take to X with Praise for Oliver Anthony

Watch the insanely popular video that swept the internet and made Oliver Anthony the hottest artist in country music below!

Many are calling it the “BLUE COLLAR ANTHEM OF 2023″… and for good reason!!