John Legend Fuels Rumors of Carrie Underwood Replacing Blake Shelton As ‘The Voice’ Judge

Carrie Underwood

Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice. This we know. The moving piece and big question that remains is “who’s going to take his place?” Enter Carrie Underwood?

Voice coach John Legend fueled rumors of Carrie becoming a judge in an interview with EXTRA saying “We have never had another country coach before; it has always been Blake… I could see Carrie doing it… She could be good. Just an idea, Carrie. We’ll see, we’ll see.” Since that sound bite the rumor mill has been swirling.
Carrie famously won Voice-rival American Idol way back in 2005. Would you love to see Coach Carrie on The Voice?

Carrie Underwood: She Is So Loyal To “American Idol.”
Carrie is quite faithful to American Idol, which made her the superstar she is today, so not sure if she would take an offer from The Voice as Kelly Clarkson did. However, if she did take a turn in the big red chair, no doubt she would be fabulous at it.