Jason Aldean Announces New Album With ‘Let Your Boys Be Country’ [Listen]


Jason Aldean is set to release his highly anticipated new album, Highway Desperado, on Nov. 3.

The 14-track project will include “Tough Crowd” and Aldean’s current single, “Try That in a Small Town.” Also arriving with the announcement is an anthemic new track, “Let Your Boys Be Country.”

Allison Veltz Cruz, Jaron Boyer and Micah Wilshire penned the song, and the mid-tempo tune finds Aldean encouraging mothers to let their sons proudly embrace the country lifestyle if they want to.

“Let ’em ride rowdy trucks / Making backroad noise / Let ’em hang out on Friday / Getting wild with the boys / Let ’em go to the woods / In the cold painted up camo green / Yeah let ’em chase, let ’em fall / For a small-town girl / Let everything inside these county lines / Be his whole world / You want him to grow up / To be someone he’s damn proud to be / Mamas let your boys be country,” Aldean shares in the soaring chorus as he urges parents to let boys be boys, especially in the country.

“This song’s about letting your boys, letting your kids be kids, especially little boys,” Aldean says of his latest song. “Let them go get dirty, play in the mud, go out in the woods, catch some fish, hunt, all those kinds of things.”

Aldean’s currently on his 41-city Highway Desperado Tour. For a full list of dates and tickets, visit Aldean’s website.

Highway Desperado is available to pre-order and pre-save now.

Jason Aldean, Highway Desperado Track List:

1. “Tough Crowd”
2. “Let Your Boys Be Country”
3. “Knew You’d Come Around”
4. “Hungover in a Hotel”
5. “Try That in a Small Town”
6. “Whiskey Drink”
7. “Whose Rearview”
8. “I’m Over You”
9. “Rather Watch You”
10. “Breakup Breakdown”
11. “Get Away From You”
12. “Changing Bars”
13. “From This Beer On”
14. “Highway Desperado”