In This Troubled Times, Let Us Get Back To God with Reba

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire sings a Randy Houser song called “Back to God.”

With a clear-cut message of handing this world back to God, the song is more than inspirational. Rather, the song’s intent is to wake us up from our spiritual slumber, our apathy, and mediocrity.

It does not matter that we think our country is one of the greatest in history. We are all in trouble and the song urges us to humble ourselves in prayer before God.

Because let us admit it. The world is in great chaos and whether we deny or accept it, we are living in the middle of tribulations as outlined in the Bible.

Just browse the news about other countries and note how everything that has been prophesied was already happening. The only reason we may not feel the severity of these tribulations is that our country could be one of the chosen refuge places where people from other nations could flee to for help.

(And I’m glad majority of us, Christians, responded with grace by welcoming refugees despite some people’s fears and rumors of these involuntary migrations as a modern act of ‘Trojan horse’ orchestrated by those who just want to destroy America.)

We had been blessed with great measures for years. Still, let us not be naïve to think our material affluence is perpetual. We. Need. God. For Houser and McEntire, we are thankful that they remind us of our helpless state.

As a balance to that devastating fact, “Back to God” offers us hope. It says that the only answer is to ‘give this world back to God.’ If we must, let us cry and beg. The good news is, we will not be disappointed. As one of its lines said, ‘Cause we’re still worth saving.’

So share and pass this song along. The message is true and timely.

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