If George Strait sang ‘WAP’, it would probably sound a lot like this

By now, we’ve all listened to “WAP” in some variation or another — but never quite like this.

TikTok user Travis Yee considers himself the “CEO of Asian Country TikTok,” and he is known for his imitation of other artists while using their own song beats.

Twitter user Tyler Com asked Yee, “Can we also see WAP sung by George Straight in the style of a George Strait song?” And in typical fashion, the Asian country singer obliged.

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“Your wife is unconditional, ready to catch a child,” he sang. “I see it in your eyes, you can feel it’s really hard. Now from the top, give me everything you’ve got. Seven days a week, macaroni in a pot.”

He apparently nailed it, garnering nearly 16,000 likes, shares and comments on TikTok.

“Umm George might be proud or disappointed not sure….but impressed,” user Joseph Knox said.

Other users enjoyed Yee’s rendition of the track so much, they repeatedly asked him for the full version. It has since been viewed more than 8,000 times on YouTube.


Oh, another WAP. Chorus?

♬ original sound – Travis Yee