How Miranda Lambert Aiding Relief Efforts (Nashville Tornado)


How Miranda Lambert Aiding Relief Efforts (Nashville Tornado), No one is unaware of the disaster caused by a tornado in Nashville, Tennessee which happened early Tuesday morning. Miranda Lambert -The ‘Blue bird’ singer sent kudos to her drivers on social media through a heart-warming post where she also grieves the horrible Nashville tornados..”After being gone two weeks, We just landed in Nashville with a heavy heart full of prayers for our beautiful city. We traveled 8255 miles this run.

(Nashville Tornado)

8 shows in 12 days. I just want to say thank you to my band and crew for pushing the limits on this tour and doing it with a smile on your face. Our bus drivers and truck drivers drove all night and day with snow chains on the tires, through another blizzard night before last to get us to our first show of the run ( makeup show in Denver). And Denver you’all made it all worth it!! Winter touring ain’t for the weak.” said Lambert. Miranda is a step ahead of all the other celebrities in sending relief to the residents, especially the animals displaced by the storm.

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The country singer shared a post on her Instagram detailing the work she is doing through her charity group Mutt Nation.”Metro Animal Care and Control are working hard to help animals impacted by Tornado in Nashville. Mutt Nation and I are supporting their efforts and appreciate you all doing anything you can to help fur babies in need too.” said Miranda.

“There are some of our drivers in front of Elvira. She continued,” She ‘s dirty bit running well through it all!. The Wildcard tour is special for all kinds of reasons and these guys one of them. The second picture is delta Dawn in the Tennesse sun for anyone that needed a smile today. Anaheim, San Diego, Ontario, Salt Lake City, Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento, Denver. Thank you all for coming out to see us!Y’all are the reason for miles and smiles.”
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