How Long Have Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Been Married and How Many Children Do They Have?

Carrie Underwood

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood and retired NHL player Mike Fisher are one of the most popular celebrity couples in the world as fans just can’t get enough of the pair and their adorable family. But their love story almost didn’t happen because Underwood had reservations.

Here’s more on that plus how long they’ve been married, how many children they have together, and who has a higher net worth.

When they got married

Underwood and Fisher met through the singer’s bassist, Mark Childers, in 2008. He tried to set them up on a blind date but Underwood turned down the offer because she wasn’t interested in going on a date with someone who lived so far away from her (at the time Fisher lived in Canada and she was in Tennessee).

The songbird did agree to do a casual meet-and-greet with him backstage though at one of her concerts and she was glad she did because the attraction was instant. She immediately texted Childers to let him know that she thought Fisher was “hot, hot, hot.” The athlete meanwhile was equally impressed and said that Underwood “was more beautiful in person than on TV.”

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A few months later, they went on their first date and began a long-distance relationship. The couple got engaged in December 2009 and tied the knot on July 10, 2010. As luck would have it, Fisher was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators a few months later and relocated to the city where his wife lived.

How many kids they have

The “Cry Pretty” artist and her hubby have two children together. They welcomed their first son, Isaiah Michael, in 2015 and announced the birth of their second son, Jacob Bryan, in January 2019.

Prior to having to Jacob, Underwood sat down for an interview with CBS Sunday Morning and candidly talked about how she suffered three miscarriages within two years.

“We got pregnant [in] early 2017, and didn’t work out. And I got pregnant again in the spring, and it didn’t work out. Got pregnant again, early 2018. Didn’t work out,” she revealed.

In May 2019, the songstress spoke to The Today Show and explained that she and Fisher aren’t sure yet if they want to have more children but it’s something they will discuss in the near future.

“It’s such a difficult road to get where we are now,” she said. “And I’ll have to evaluate after this tour is over. Then we can talk about what’s next. But I’ve been a lot of kind of ‘live in the moment’ lately.”

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Who has a higher net worth?

Both Fisher and Underwood have been very successful in their respective careers.

Fisher played in the NHL from 1999 to 2008 and has a hefty net worth of $30 million. The Season 4 American Idol champ, however, has an even higher net worth as she is worth an estimated $85 million.

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