‘Heinous’: Titus the pit bull becomes second badly burned dog brought to Durham vet


DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) — In the past four months, Dr. Chuck Miller has treated two badly burned dogs from same area of the state.

“I just can’t believe someone would do something like this,” said Miller. “What’s wrong with people?”

Another one arrived last Thursday.

“Your heart’s broken every time equally,” he said.

The pit bull’s name is Titus and he’s a little more than a year old.

Right now, about 70 percent of his body is burned. He has to wear a t-shirt to cover up the wounds so the injuries don’t become further infected.

Miller believes someone is purposefully abusing the dogs with hot water or chemicals and he’s now working with law enforcement.

“This is a heinous, cruel injury that someone is doing to these poor animals,” said Miller. “I’m kind of mad now just because we would like to find out who’s doing this and bring them to justice.”

First, there was Zeus. He arrived in the fall with a broken leg and his spine was covered with wounds.

The rescue group Carolina Adopt-A-Bulls brought him from Cabarrus County to the Triangle Veterinary Hospital to receive care.

Zeus is doing well these days and has been adopted.

Titus also arrived with injuries along his back, as if something was poured all over it.

The pit bull is under heavy sedation to help cope with the pain.

Miller said the dog is responding well to therapy after being harmed in such a vicious way.

“As much pain as he’s in, he just loves people and he wants to play,” he said. “He’s just wonderful.”

Miller hopes it takes about a month to nurse Titus back to good health. He will then be put up for adoption.

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