He breaks the retweets record held by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars … with nuggets

Ellen DeGeneres

Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt did not compete. In a month, an American teenager from Juno, Nevada, broke the record for most shared tweet, owned by Ellen DeGeneres.

During the Oscars 2014, the American presenter had obtained this record thanks to a selfie gathering several of the most prominent actors of Hollywood. A three-star self-portrait that had managed to garner 3.4 million retweets. But show business is nothing compared to … a dish of nuggets.

Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm on Twitter) called American fast food chain Wendy’s on the social network, asking how many retweets would be needed to get a year of free nuggets. A request to which the restaurant chain responded “18 million”. This exchange quickly fascinated the twittosphere: on May 9, with 3.5 million retweets to date, the message of Carter Wilkerson became the most tweeted in history, as reported by ..

Global mobilization

Such success, if it is probably explained by the absurdity of the demand, is also due to the celebrities who supported the adolescent. Very quickly, big names got involved in this quest for chicken nuggets, as reported by the Twitter blog: the American actor Aaron Paul, the popular YouTubeur Tyler Oakley, the singer Zara Larsson or the model Martha Hunt shared his tweet while having fun with his ambition, using the hashtag “#NuggsForCarter” (“Nuggets for Carter”).

Large companies such as Amazon, Apple or Google have also taken part in the collective enthusiasm on the social network and Ellen DeGeneres herself, faced with the threat hovering over her record, invited Carter Wilkerson on her show to the half April.

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Breaded chicken and philanthropy

Even if the 18 million retweets have not (yet?) Been reached, Carter Wilkerson’s appetite will be well and truly satisfied: on May 9, Wendy’s published a portrait of the young man on Twitter, congratulating him on his record and offering her the year of free nuggets so much desired.

A gesture that is also accompanied by an act of charity: the restaurant chain agrees to give $ 100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a foundation that tries to have children adopted from foster care. Because he was a little more hungry than the other boys his age, Carter Wilkerson managed to free thousands of dollars for underprivileged children, an amount that is hard to calculate in breaded chicken … and to explode his popularity on the social networks: the one who had just under 150 subscribers at the beginning of April now has more than 107,000.

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