George Strait Says He Rehabbed on His Own after Knee Replacement Surgery during Quarantine

George Strait

Country singer George Strait opened up about life in quarantine and how he had to rehabilitate on his own following a knee replacement surgery.

Almost every person on earth is going through unprecedented times with the spread of the novel coronavirus. The pandemic has caused significant changes in the lives of every individual.

Country singer, who is often dubbed the “King of Country,” George Strait recently opened up, in a chat with Billboard, about how he has been spending his time during the quarantine and coping.

George revealed that he did not like the way the pandemic has affected many things he had planned. Due to the epidemic, he has to sadly postpone his tours even though he had been anticipating it.

George also revealed that before the lockdown started, he had to undergo knee replacement surgery. Although the operation was successful, he couldn’t rehabilitate the usual way. He added that:

“It went very well, but I had to rehab on my own due to the obvious conditions…”

He further revealed how he had been spending his time like everyone else, and one of the things that helped him relax was listening to music on “Sirius XM.”

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George added that he had been listening to his “Ace in the Hole” channel and reliving past interviews, which have provided the humor he needed during this trying period.

All the benefits from the fundraiser would be sent to the James Beard Foundation.

On if he has been able to work on new music during the lockdown, George admitted that he had not come up with new music, but he had been jotting things down and could come up with a song depending on how things last.

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A huge Tom Petty fan, George stated that he and his band had worked on a live session on Tom Petty’s song titled, “You Wreck Me.” He also mentioned that:

“[I] sent it to his channel on Sirius radio to see if they might play it. I’m very proud to say that they are…”

Asides from rehabilitating and spending time with his family and wife Norma, he has also been working to raise funds for restaurants through the “Omaze” online fundraising platform.

George revealed that he is offering a lifetime experience that will enable a lucky fan to meet with him for a drink and get an autographed pair of Codigo 1530 boots sent to them, once the lockdown is relaxed.

All the benefits from the fundraiser would be sent to the James Beard Foundation. They would be used to support the rebuilding of the independent restaurants’ industry that has taken a big hit during the pandemic.

Ultimately, while George has postponed his tours and is rehabilitating at home with the help of his wife Norma, he is excited to work on this project and give back during this pandemic.

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