George Strait

When George Strait vowed in 2014 that he was finished touring, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable for people to doubt him. Plenty of music superstars have announced their retirements, only to quickly mount comeback tours, unable to remain out of the spotlight. Strait isn’t exactly out of the spotlight, but he’s kept his promise, performing only occasional shows even as he’s released new studio recordings and remained one of the biggest names in country music. Strait’s only regular engagements since 2016 have been at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, where he’s staged his Strait to Vegas residency since the venue first opened.

Strait fans flock to Vegas to hear the country singer’s seemingly endless string of hits (he released a compilation titled 50 Number Ones in 2004, and then followed that up with Sixty Number Ones in 2013) delivered in his unpretentious, ingratiating style, the same no-frills approach he’s taken for his entire career. Strait could easily

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coast on those hits, but he’s continued to make new music (his most recent album is 2019’s Honky Tonk Time Machine) and support up-and-coming artists by having them open for him in Vegas (these latest shows feature country-pop quartet Gone West). He continues to be a man of his word.

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