George Strait holds back tears as he reflects on the heartbreak of losing a child

George Strait

In a promotional video for his 2013 album “Love is Everything,” country legend George Strait opened up about a pain that every parent prays that they will never feel – the loss of a child.

As many country music fans know, George lost his 13-year-old daughter Jenifer in a tragic car accident in 1986. And it was the pain he still feels for the dear daughter he lost, combined with the pain he felt surrounding the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012 in which 26 lives, many of them kids, were taken, that propelled George to write the song “I Believe.”

“After watching the tragic news coverage, I was thinking, ‘I know what these parents are going through,’” George says in the 2013 interview. “You know, it’s just the worst thing that can happen to you in your life, to lose a child, there’s nothing worse than that. And, I just started thinking you know, about saying something about it, here jotting a few things down and in a few minutes I called Bubba and started talking to him about it and he goes “Dad, I’m thinking the same thing.’”

George goes on to say in the interview that he was eerily close to not even including the song on the album, but was so glad he did.

“It just turned out beautiful,” he says with a slight smile. “I just love the way it turned out.”

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