George Floyd protests: Medical examiner lists Floyd’s death a homicide


Protests and demonstrations have led to violence in at least 30 cities across the United States in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Floyd, 46, died after he was detained for questioning regarding a possible forgery in progress. Video of his death caught by bystanders showed a Minneapolis police officer, identified as Derek Chauvin, holding his knee to Floyd’s neck for more than five minutes as Floyd pleaded for air, sparking outrage.

As of Monday, at least 40 cities across 16 states have imposed curfews.

Live updates for Monday, June 1 continue below:

Medical examiner lists Floyd’s death a homicide

Update 5:45 p.m. EDT June 1: The Hennepin County Medical Examiner report listed that the official cause of Floyd’s death as homicide.

The updated report also noted other significant conditions such as arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease; fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use.

Louisville police chief fired

Update 4:50 p.m. EDT June 1: Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad has been fired according to Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher.

Fischer said Monday afternoon that police officers involved with the deadly shooting early Monday morning had not turned on their body cameras.

Earlier, Kentucky’s governor had called for the release of police video from the shooting that took place while police officers and National Guard soldiers were enforcing a curfew.

Killed in the gunfire was barbecue operator David McAtee, whose business is next to the parking lot where the shooting occurred early Monday.

Conrad said McAtee was killed while police officers and National Guard soldiers returned fire after someone in a large group fired at them first.

A witness said the group had nothing to do with the protests, and was shocked to see soldiers disrupt their gathering. “Never thought I would experience that here in America,” Kris Smith said.

Floyd family attorney announces planned memorial services

Update 4 p.m. EDT June 1: Memorial services are planned in Minneapolis, North Carolina and Houston to remember George Floyd, the 46-year-old who died last week after video showed a Minneapolis police officer with his knee pressed to Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes.

Attorney Ben Crump, who is representing Floyd’s family, said a memorial will be held Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Minneapolis. Another memorial will be held Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in North Carolina, where Floyd was born. On Monday, June 8, a viewing will be held in Houston with Floyd’s funeral scheduled to begin in the city at 11 a.m.

No underlying medical conditions contributed to Floyd’s death, doctor says

Update 3:50 p.m. EDT June 1: In contradiction to preliminary autopsy results shared by authorities in charging documents filed against former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin, a doctor said Monday that results from an independent autopsy show George Floyd had no underlying medical problems that caused or contributed to his death.

Dr. Michael Baden said at a news conference that the determination was made on information from Floyd’s family, who said he was in good health.

WATCH LIVE: George Floyd family releases results of own autopsy (2 p.m.)

“The compressive pressure of the neck and back are not seen at autopsy because the pressure has been released by the time the body comes to the medical examiner’s office,” Baden said. “It can only be seen … while the pressure is being applied or when, as in this instance, it is captured on video. In this instance we can see after a little bit less than four minutes that Mr. Floyd is motionless, lifeless.”

Prosecutors said that body camera footage showed Floyd appeared to stop moving three minutes before Chauvin took his knee off Floyd’s neck. In video footage captured by passersby, Floyd can be heard pleading for air before going silent as onlookers demanded Chauvin get off the 46-year-old.

Prosecutors said Floyd appeared to stop moving around 8:24 p.m. A minute later, officials said he appeared to stop breathing.

“When he said ‘I can’t breathe,’ unfortunately many police are under the impression that if you talk, that means your breathing,” Baden said.” That is not true. I am talking and talking and talking and not breathing in front of you.”

In all, prosecutors said Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes.

Doctor says evidence shows Floyd died of ‘mechanical asphyxia’
Update 3:30 p.m. EDT June 1: Dr. Allecia Wilson, director of autopsy and forensic sciences at the university of Michigan, said Monday that evidence shows that George Floyd died of mechanical asphyxia.

“We acknowledge that additional medical information including toxicology and further investigation are necessary for a final report, however, the evidence is consistent with mechanical asphyxia as the cause of death and homicide as the manner of death,” she said.

A preliminary autopsy mentioned by authorities in charging documents filed against former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin found “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.”

Authorities said Floyd had likely died from a combination of being restrained by police, underlying health conditions and “any potential intoxicants in his system.”

Independent autopsy shows George Floyd died of asphyxia from sustained forceful pressure, family attorney says
Update 3:25 p.m. EDT June 1: An independent autopsy has found that George Floyd died last week of asphyxia from sustained forceful pressure, Ben Crump, the attorney representing George Floyd’s family, said Monday in a news release obtained by PBS.

“Despite how painful these autopsy findings are, especially for George Floyd’s family, we think it is essential that the truth comes out about the manner and the exact manner and science as to how George Floyd was killed,” Crump said Monday at a news conference.

Crump and medical professionals held a news conference Monday to discuss the autopsy results.

“What you’re going to hear from these renowned pathologists is essentially: George died because he needed a breath,” Crump said. “He needed a breath of air.”

George Floyd’s family to announce results of independent autopsy
Update 3:05 p.m. EDT June 1: The family of George Floyd and their attorney, Ben Crump, are holding a news conference Monday to announce the results of an independent autopsy performed on the 46-year-old.

Atlanta’s curfew extended for another night
Update 2:30 p.m. EDT June 1: Officials in Atlanta announced Monday that a curfew enacted amid protests over the death of George Floyd will continue for another night, WSB-TV reported.

Tens of thousands of people nationwide have taken to city streets to protest Floyd’s death, which happened last week after a Minneapolis police officer pinned Floyd’s neck under his knee for nearly nine minutes. Most demonstrations have been peaceful, but some have been marred by skirmishes between police and demonstrators, WSB-TV reported.

Monday’s curfew will begin Monday at 9 p.m. and last until sunrise, according to WSB-TV.

Florida governor activates National Guard
Update 2:20 p.m. EDT June 1: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has activated the Florida National Guard after some protests over the death of George Floyd turned violent over the weekend, WFTV reported.

The governor’s office said the specially trained units were put on standby Saturday, according to WFTV. More protests against police brutality are expected in Florida and nationwide in the wake of Floyd’s death last week.