Gabby Barrett Says Carrie Underwood Gave Her ‘A Lot Of Great Advice’

Carrie Underwood

After competing in American Idol’s 16th season, Gabby Barrett turned to one of the show’s most successful winners, Carrie Underwood, for some guidance.

At the time, Barrett knew she needed original material to take her career further, however, finding time to write would be challenging as she was already committed to the “Idol Tour.” This is exactly what she asked Underwood about knowing she’d previously been in a similar situation.

“She gave me a lot of great advice,” Barrett says. According to People, Underwood told Barrett there was no time to waste, encouraging the young singer to do what she had done before. She suggested Barrett write on the road, take red-eye flights to Nashville for songwriting sessions, and work even on the days when extra work seemed impossible.

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Barrett did just as Underwood recommended which brought her to the writing session with Jon Nite and Zachary Kale, that created “I Hope.” At the time, the country singer didn’t realize they’d just written a hit.

“Jon said, ‘Oh my gosh, I think this might be the biggest song in my career,'” Barrett recalled. “And I was like, what? Then I started getting excited.”

“I Hope” eventually led Barrett to her now-label, Warner Music Nashville. Since then, her career achievements keep growing although Barrett hopes this is just the beginning. A few weeks ago she opened up for Kane Brown at LA’s Staples Center, calling her set a tease.

“It was such a teaser,” she said of the show. “because I got up there and I’m like, oh, I want to do a full set. It just pushes me toward that.”

The rising star is gearing up for the release of her debut album, expected later this year. She’s determined to mostly include songs she’s co-written. “I want to make sure it’s very ‘me’ all across that board,” she says.

In addition to releasing her new album, this year she’ll also join Brad Paisley on his upcoming tour as an opening act. Tickets for the tour are available now.

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