Ellen DeGeneres’ alleged rude behavior to staff, guests is ‘rat poison’ to her brand, expert says

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres was put on blast this week after crew members of her namesake talk show leaked details about the television host’s lack of support amid the coronavirus pandemic, including claims she left employees in the dark about the status of their jobs and pay.

In the latest string of accusations against the comedian DeGeneres was also called out by a famous beauty blogger, who appeared on her show earlier this year, for her cold demeanor.

DeGeneres’ TV empire relies on heartwarming interviews with do-gooders around the globe — can her reputation be salvaged as a result of the mounting allegations she’s now facing?

“The behavior that’s been revealed about Ellen is rat poison to the Ellen DeGeneres brand,” brand expert Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, told Fox News. “When you have a brand like Ellen’s leak information that is 180 degrees different than this facade she’s been painting, it creates a dumpster fire on her image and it’s like watching the Hindenburg.”

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DeGeneres’ daytime show runs the gamut in terms of lighthearted content. The show delivers a mix of interviews with A-list celebrities and ordinary citizens whose unique talents and stories go viral. DeGeneres has been praised for years for her charitable donations to good causes. Schiffer said DeGeneres’ latest drama has left viewers now wondering if it’s all an act. The expert painted a picture of what’s likely to come from DeGeneres in the aftermath.

“The way she’ll bounce back is to put on even more phonyness and play the game,” Schiffer said, adding she will do this by “surrounding herself with other celebrities, puppies and babies to try to make light of things.”

This will work for her loyal fanbase, Schiffer said, but some likely have already questioned her compassion.

“I think she turned off 20 to 30 percent of her fan base with this,” Schiffer said of the alleged negligence of her staff.

The talk show host also came under fire at the peak of the coronavirus crisis, when she joked that quarantining in her Los Angeles, Calif., mansion was similar to living in jail.

“When you have her complaining about her mansion life during the coronavirus and then having leaks from the staff talking about how they’ve been furloughed while she’s counting her millions — that’s a disgusting set of imagery for most Americans during a time of near depression level,” Schiffer said.

The branding expert pointed out DeGeneres’ first mistake was her failure to make a public apology.

“If you have the means, you should work to take care of your people. She needs to stop going on Instagram and show a level of gratefulness and develop some humility and apologize at a level that people will believe,” Schiffer advised.

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The latest allegation of DeGeneres’ rude behavior came from Dutch beauty blogger Nikkie de Jager, who traveled to Los Angeles to be interviewed by the star about her courage of coming out as transgender to her YouTube community, of which she has over 13 million subscribers.

De Jager referenced being greeted by an “angry intern” on set the set of “Ellen” and walked away with this realization: “Don’t meet your idols.”

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” halted production in March due to concerns over COVID-19, and returned to air on April 6, with the host filming from her home.

A rep for DeGeneres did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.