Do you remember/ Carrie Underwood gives fan his first kiss (FOTO)

Carrie Underwood

Everyone remembers their first kiss, but one 12-year-old boy will need no reminding: he went lip-to-lip with US country singer Carrie Underwood onstage before a thousand cameraphones.

The Grammy-winning blond complied with his request after he held up a sign asking “Will you be my first kiss?” at a concert in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend.

She led him on stage by the hand and revealed that she was 14 when she tasted her first kiss.

“And just so you know, my husband is somewhere in this building, backstage, so he might be looking for you later,” she said.

“So how are we going to do this?”

The schoolboy, wearing blue shorts and still holding her hand, replied boldly: “Lip to lip,” eliciting a shocked look from Underwood and screams from the crowd.

She declared him “the smartest kid ever” — before telling him to close his eyes, and briefly puckering up. The crowd erupted, the boy mouthed “wow” and held his arm aloft with the singer.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD MADE THE boy's wish come true. Image posted by the singer on Twitter

Later that night, she tweeted: “Thanks, Chase, for the kiss and thanks Louisville for rocking so hard tonight! We had fun!” and posted a picture of the boy’s first public smacker. – Agence France-Presse

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