David Bisbal and Carrie Underwood Go Bilingual In New ‘Tears of Gold:’ Watch The Premiere

Carrie Underwood

While bilingual collabs between Latin and mainstream artists are no longer novel, Latin pop paired with country voice is definitely not something you hear every day. Add to that two powerful voices—David Bisbal and Carrie Underwood—and that’s something very novel indeed.

“Tears of Gold,” the new single that brings together the two superstars from different continents (Bisbal is from Spain), is a soaring, uptempo pop ballad. It’s vintage Bisbal, who’s always had a flair for the dramatic.

When Bisbal first heard the demo, “I immediately knew it was an amazing track that needed a special talent, and voice, to work with me on a duet,” he explains. “As an artist and vocalist, I listen to a lot of songs, determine the style and sound, and am involved in the process of my collaborators for my projects.”

Bisbal took “Tears of Gold,” originally written by Paul Harris (Kylie Minogue), Matt Schwartz (Yungblud, Halsey) and Cameron Forbes (Tyga, Cher Llloyd), plus “Despacito” producers Andrés Torres & Mauricio Rengifo, who added Spanish lines to turn the track into a bilingual song.

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When he approached Underwood to sing it as a duet, she was game, even though she’d be singing in both English and Spanish, and despite the fact that “Tears” is not a country song but purely a pop track.

“I was very excited that Carrie wanted to record a bilingual song with lyrics in both English and my language, Spanish,” says Bisbal, who also sings in Spanish and English on the track. “It is a big moment for me personally to be joined by such a powerful voice in music on a track that connects Latin, pop and country music together in this way. It’s a beautiful moment for our music genres and I am thankful for Carrie to collaborate with me for this release.”

The sleekly elegant video for “Tears of Gold” was shot in Los Angeles, in urban backgrounds that highlight the strength of Bisbal and Underwood’s voices.

WATCH David Bisbal, Carrie Underwood – Tears Of Gold VIDEO BELOW:

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