Danielle Bradbery Covers Iconic Carrie Underwood Song — Seven Years After Performing It On ‘The Voice’

Carrie Underwood

One of Danielle Bradbery’s biggest musical influences is Carrie Underwood and she recently revisited one of Underwood’s iconic hits for her Stairwell Sessions series.

WATCH Danielle Bradbery | Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood (Stairwell Sessions) VIDEO BELOW:

Earlier this week, the Texas native shared an a cappella rendition of “Jesus Take the Wheel” that was recorded in a stairwell of the Grand Ole Opry.

“Carrie has always been an inspiration!! I got to do this stairwell in such a magical place,” Bradbery wrote alongside the black and white video clip.

Launched earlier this year, the Stairwell Sessions features Bradbery performing her songs as well as covers in various stairwells, allowing her powerhouse vocals to shine.

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Bradbery’s new “Jesus Take the Wheel” cover comes a little over seven years after she first performed the song during her run on NBC’s The Voice in 2013. Bradbery covered the chart-topping hit during the Knockout Rounds and went on to become the winner of The Voice’s fourth season.

Bradbery has never been shy about her appreciation of Underwood and the impact she’s had on her artistry.

“I always say this, but it’s so true. I lived with every Carrie Underwood album you could think of,” Bradbery told her record label in 2018. “Even younger, I sang and could tell you every single song that she’s probably sang. I remember owning a DVD that went with one of her albums. It was like the recording process of her singing some of the songs in the studio, and I’d watch that and see her perform these songs in the studio that I didn’t even know about at the time. And seeing her I was like, okay, yeah, I want to be her and I want to sing like her.”

Bradbery also performed Underwood’s song “Wasted” during her time on The Voice. Click below to watch her 2013 performance of “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

WATCH (HD) Danielle Bradbery – Jesus Take The Wheel (Live Solo Performance on NBC’s The Voice)VIDEO BELOW:

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