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Country star Reba McEntire Maybe she has her hands full with a time-consuming Hollywood career, but the singer “Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” always takes time for her six children. Although technically she only has one biological child, Reba also regards her ex-husband’s children as her children – especially since she was never a fan of the word “stepchildren”.

The 64-year-old Reba had her first motherhood when she married the bullfighting champion and rancher Charlie Battles in 1976 after crossing the first paths the year before. The Grammy winner then became the mother figure of his two sons Lance Battles and Coty Battles, who were still young at the time.


Not much is known about Lance, but Coty followed in his father’s footsteps before settling down as a rancher. Reba’s ex Charlie, whom she divorced in 1978, unfortunately passed away in 2013 after suffering from heart failure and complications from a stroke.

After her first marriage, Reba switched to marriage manager and guitarist Narvel Blackstock After their wedding, Reba had three other family members: Shawna Blackstock, 47, Brandon Blackstock, 43, and Chassidy Blackstock, 42.

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Fortunately, the Reba star sees her as her own flesh and blood. “I don’t think Brandon, Chassidy and Shawna are stepchildren,” she said to The Boot in 2010. “I claim them all.” So sweet!

While Shawna and Chassidy got out of the spotlight, Reba’s stepson Brandon followed in his father’s conversation when he married superstar singer Kelly Clarkson, After Brandon asked the question in December 2012, Reba told it once Katie Couric She was “thrilled to death” when the American idol alum was added to the family.

“To have my mate as my daughter-in-law, I mean who could ask for more?” She wondered. “[Kellys] a girl with a big heart. Very giving, loving and talented.”


Reba may love to be the stepmother of five incredible children, but she couldn’t have been happier when she and Narvel – who divorced in 2015 – greeted their first and only child together, son Shelby Blackstock, in 1990.

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“Shelby has given us joy and laughter for many years,” the proud mother told The Boot. “He’s a funny guy. He’s in college now, but you don’t know from day to day if that will take place or where he will be next week.”

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Even though 29-year-old Shelby was in college, he left school to become a full-time racing driver. Since 2012 he has participated in the US F2000 National Championship, the Pro Mazda Championship and the Indy Lights. His online biography states that he is “used to the fast-paced lifestyle with high adrenaline levels”, a synonym for an entertainer of Rebas caliber.

The “fancy” singer even supported her son when he was recently driving on the Daytona International Speedway. Reba went to Instagram to share a sweet message with her handsome son. “A mom is only as happy as her children. Shelby, “I love being back at the Daytona International Speedway for the roar,” she wrote on January 5 next to a photo of Shelby.

We love Reba almost as much as she loves her children!

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