The go-to stylist shares her favorite accessible brands and what she loves most about performance fashion.

Tiffany Gifford is responsible for dressing some of country music’s biggest stars including Brett Eldredge, Maddie & Tae, Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert.

We caught up with the ambitious stylist to chat about all things style and fashion for Miranda Lambert. Gifford, who styled the Texas native for her Wildcard Tour and album artwork, also makes sure to put together outfits that incorporate Lambert’s clothing line, Idyllwind, sold exclusively at Boot Barn. Lambert loves to add clothing, accessories and footwear from her line into her wardrobe as much as possible and Gifford helps fit those pieces perfectly into their vision for any occasion.

Check out more from our conversation about what brands she’s loving right now and what we can expect to see during Miranda Lambert’s Wildcard Tour.

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What are some of your favorite labels to work with?

That’s a tricky question because it really is dependent on the client and the project. One designer might be great for a music video for a certain song, whereas they might not be appropriate for a red carpet. In terms of brands that I’m loving at the moment, there’s a lot of brands that are just doing really bright, bold, fun fashion. One is called THE ATTICO. Another one is AREA. We used it a lot in recent months for styling Miranda Lambert for new projects.

What are some cost-friendly brands you like to use?

A brand that I am obsessed with, and my clients equally so, is American Eagle. They have really, really great denim. In fact, I’m wearing their jeans right now myself. They’re comfortable. They have them in an array of sizing, which is also really, really wonderful. They’re really size inclusive, which I’m a huge proponent of. I also love online retailer ASOS. They have great fashion that’s not crazy expensive. It’s more on the trendy side, which is nice. You’re not having to spend a ton, but you’re able to feel like you have a trendy element to your look.

Tell us about the process for selecting and designing looks for Miranda Lambert’s Wildcard Tour.

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I collaborated with her and her team on the album packaging and the creative for the Wildcard album. Really the tour was bred from what we did for the album packaging, which we said was, high-class white trash. If you listen to her song “White Trash” you know why. I mean, it’s very telling. For all the tour stuff that we did for the prior album, The Weight of These Wings, I had envisioned needing to see movement on stage, so that’s where the long fringe came into play. And we’ve kind of mixed some of those elements into what we’re doing with the Wildcard Tour as well, in terms of bodysuits with fringe. But instead of just plain bodysuits, we’ve added western yolks to the top. And we’ve utilized really bright, bold colors. We’ve done a couple of special looks for some big shows she has coming up. You’ll see. Fingers crossed — we haven’t done the fitting yet!

Speak about collaboration. Do you and Miranda ever conceptualize looks together?

We definitely collaborate. She has concepts that she loves that she’ll sometimes text me — and that could even be in the midst of a tour. But at this point, we’ve almost worked together for a decade, and so she more or less trusts my judgement on certain things. But there’s definitely a collaboration. I think her tour wardrobe is her favorite part of wardrobe because she’s not a huge fan of doing fittings and all of that stuff in general; it’s just not what her love is. Her love is truly being a songwriter and a musician.

To learn more about how Gifford styled Miranda Lambert for her Wildcard album release and tour, view her six-part “behind the seams” series on Instagram.

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  1. Move on
    Miranda has – yes she admitted her divorce was awful hard for her – as it is for everyone who has ever been through a divorce
    She’s human and humble to admit the truth

    Don’t ever judge someone for their lives- it’s their personal life and judgements are not anyone’s place

    Be happy that she’s honest and let her and Blake live their personal lives

    Be happy that they are moving on
    Be kind unless you are better than anyone going through emotional pain
    No just be kind
    And mind your own business
    Allow them to be human

    Love Miranda
    Love Blake
    Love them as human

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